Thank you for making Our programs possible. Below are the many ways that you can contribute.



Make a one-time or monthly donation

We rely on your generosity to help brighten the hospital experience for kids and teens around the world. 100 percent of your donation will go into funding our programs.

Consider becoming a monthly contributor!  Why? Because your recurring donation will provide us with a predictable source of income to help ensure that ArtPass can continue it's programs. Every month, you'll know that you'll be making a difference in creating a more positive and improved hospital experience.

Donate Art Supplies

ArtPass always needs more art supplies to use in our PassPACKS. Your donation will go directly into our PassPACKS. View our wishlist and send all supplies to P.O Box 82604 Portland, Oregon 97828


Organize a fundraiser

Have a birthday, holiday, or special event coming up? Instead of asking for gifts, consider making an online fundraiser for ArtPass. Ask for donations instead of gifts, and all proceeds will be sent to ArtPass.


Host an Art supply drive

Consider hosting an art supply drive! Drives are a great way to get your community involved to help change the hospital experience for kids and teens. ArtPass will help you to make sure your drive is as successful as it can be. 



send a donation by mail

If you would rather send in a donation through mail, please send it to P.O. Box 82604 Portland, Oregon 97828.