Introducing ArtPass

After almost a year of incredibly hard work, we are so excited to introduce to you ArtPass, a youth run, global nonprofit that aims to change the hospital experience for kids and teens around the world. After Malcolm Asher (founder) heard the stories from kids undergoing treatment in the oncology & hematology clinic at Doernbecher Children's Hospital (located in Portland, Oregon), he discovered how we can help improve the healing process through art. Anyone entering the hospital for any amount of time is under a huge amount of anxiety and stress. Through the incredible healing qualities of creating art and the often overlooked benefits of sharing that art, we can work towards changing the mindset of hospitalized kids who are going through such difficult and scary times. 

Thanks to the incredible support of the community, local businesses, and nonprofits, we are incredibly close to starting our programs. We expect to launch our programs at Doernbecher Children's Hospital in the upcoming month and recently partnered with Cape Coast Teaching Hospital (located in Cape Coast, Ghana). Our PassPACKS are currently being finalized and we continue to build partnerships with other nonprofits and business to help further our mission. Please stay tuned to follow our journey and feel free to contact us if you would like to ask us any questions!